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Welcome to 2018. We now have 46 years of super bowl commercials. Super Bowl LII will air live February 4 2018.

Welcome to the worlds largest archive of super bowl commercials. In some years all the regional ads are included as well, but "banned ads" that claim to have been rejected from the super bowl are not. If it aired nationally during the super bowl, it's included. Sometimes we get local super bowl ads submitted as well, and will include them noting that they are regional buys. We now have 44 out of the 48 super bowl years, making this the world's largest collection of super bowl ads. You're welcome!
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Yes, all the red year names are links bringing you deeper into super bowl commercial goodness! Have fun now.

Super Bowl LII 2018

Rap battle between hot and cool. Adding Pringles together makes "wow", while Cris Pratt works out to be the Michelob Ultra spokesman.

Super Bowl LI 2017

We have a Buschhhhhhhhhhh, Budweiser is "born the hard way", and the Coehn Brothers directed "Easy Driver"

Super Bowl 2016 50 commercials

We have a wiener stampede, singing sheep and vikings on their way to Valhalla already.

Super Bowl 2015 XLIX commercials

This is the year of The Dad with Dove Men+Care first out shortly followed by Toyota's Bold Dad. Meanwhile Bud Light is still #Upforwhatever including a game of real life Pac Man.

2014 Super Bowl XLVIII commercials

Weathertech did that, the eighties called and the British showed us why they are such good villains.

2013 Super Bowl XLVII commercials

Willem Dafoe is the devil himself, VW would like to teach the angry & sad youtube world to sing - meanwhile Audi is like a bravery steroid for prom wusses.

Super Bowl XLVIII is days away, and we've got the Super Bowl Ad Spoiler Alert ready for your viewing pleasure. We'll update it (as usual) as we get closer with air times and any other info as it becomes available.

***SPOILER ALERT*** - UPDATED 1/31 - Updated 1/29

There's not a lot of big surprises (that we know of) in the line up for the ad bonanza this year. It's your usual suspects with a mix of animals, celebrities and explosions. But, then again, we still have some advertisers that haven't shared or even hinted at what we'll see, so you never know.

Read on my ad friends.

Intuit, a tax preparation company, will be showing up for its Super Bowl in February 2014. According to Business Insider, there's a twist--Intuit will not be running a :30 ad for itself, but for a client.

"We wanted to do a series of firsts," CEO Brad Smith told Business Insider. "It's the first time a company will buy a customer an ad, and it's the first time a small business will be showcased among all those big national brands."

Hell froze over this Super Bowl. PETA actually said something nice about our profession.

New Orleans — With a power outage, a Destiny's Child reunion, and a questionable last-minute call, this year's Super Bowl was full of surprises. But no surprise to PETA was the kinder direction that this year's crop of ads took: This was the first Super Bowl since all of the top 10 advertising agencies in the U.S. agreed never to use great apes in their ads—and sure enough, not one of this year's ads featured a chimpanzee or other great apes, and many used computer-generated imagery (CGI) to portray other animals.