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Honestly, Amina should be ashamed of herself.
How many Swedish adgrunts are there? I have a feeling you guys are getting more out of this insane story than I am. kgeiger, what is nyhetestorka?For us English speaking folk that "Nogger" name just...
What a puntastic headline.
Just to correct the misconception in this post: Ladies - an award for women and ads that empower women The award is not for designed exclusively to honor women creatives - but designed:for ads that...
You've summoned Bob The angry Flower
There's also this one, seeking coders for another job.
Badland ready now? Eclipse chewing gum...
What about really bad shapes?
Countdown now says seventeen days left. CAN'T WAIT! And the car? Oh I think it'll be awesome judging purely on this sneak-peek.
Interesting project idea.
Speaking of the protestors though, this is a great example of Art Direction.
Considering there was a death toll it's not their best joke.
Only in Japan. And perhaps the US.
Another one caught with their hand in the cookie jar.
You are dangerous, Dabitch