Shaq's beard has always provided his mojo. Before he could grow a beard, he had it hard, so says this hilarious commercial for Wix. In an extended Instagram-filtered flashback, we watch as he gets picked last in the elementary school basketball game, gets a gum dis, and most humiliating of all, being cast as "Tree number three," in Romeo and Juliet. Kind of fun that Age of Beard gets a shout out over Wix. There's a company who understands how to elevate themselves by shining the spotlight on someone else.

Client: Head of Creative: Yoav Burg Head of Production: Natalie Rozenboim Creative Director: Rob Goldenberg Executive Producer: Theresa Darlington Hone Art Director: Orly Kirya Executive Producer: Noa Gavish Production Co: Station Film Director: Brendan Gibbons Managing Partner: Stephen Orent Executive Producer: Michelle Towse Line Producer: Tony McGarry Director of Photography: Matthew Woolf