When you're overwhelmed by debt it feels like, well, it feels like you are literally drowning in debt. The Insolvency Service of Ireland wants you to know there is help.

Client: The Insolvency Service of Ireland Anita Jordan – Communications and Corporate Affairs, ISI Aoife O'Connor - Communications and Corporate Affairs, ISI Irish International BBDO Des Kavanagh - Creative Director, Irish International BBDO Clayton Homer - Senior Art Director, Irish International BBDO Production Martin Stirling - Director, Partizan Lucy Hayes - Producer, Partizan John Mealing - Production Manager, Partizan Carl Burke - DOP Steve Ackroyd – Editor, Final Cut, London Post Production – Coffee & TV, London Dean Jones – Sound, Raygun Johan Söderqvist – Composer. Dillon Elliott - Copywriter, Irish International BBDO Rosanne Clarke - Account Director, Irish International BBDO

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