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Press can be quoting us, using us as reference, or simply interviewing us. Adland was founded Åsk Dabitch Wäppling back in 1996. It began as a passion project, collecting recent ad campaigns, pairing up badland ads and as an outlet to adrant on recent happenings in the ad industry. As it grew, with a discussion mailing list and much mail generated daily, it became a database-driven website collecting great (and not so great) ads serving many caustic comments and editorials on the advertising industry. Some called it a blog, but we do not. The site has been used as resource or quoted by the New York Times (USA), Adweek (USA), Marketing Mag (Canada), the Library of Congress, Spiegel (DE), CNN Money (USA), Media Guardian (UK), Resumé (SE), Adformatie (NL), Campaign magazine (UK), Creativity (USA), Svenska Dagbladet (SE), Dagens Industri (SE), Brand Equity (IN), Børsen (DK) and many many more.
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Goons and Loons asks three questions and I do my best balancing on the line between dead serious and yanking your chain when replying. My cats new name is Lord Launch Lunch, though. That's dead serious. Oh yeah.

1. If the career you’re in now didn’t exist what would you be doing?
Inventing said career.

Hello! `Tis International Talk like a sea dog tide again. Fer th' past six voyages, we`ve amused ourselves (on accoun' o' we be so easily amused) wi' changin' th' site ever' this tide ever' voyage t' talk like a sea dog. I be shoutin' like a mutinous reef monkey at my own prank. This will be the last year we pull this stunt.

It's a bit difficult to pull off, see, and this year you can only see that the words have changed to pirate-talk in the retweets & comments, but not in the posts. The site has simply grown too large for full-on pirate. Oh nay! What a shame! Ya scurvy dog who ortin' t' be keel hauled!

Adbuzz gave us props in The World’s Very First Advertising Blog and we tip our hat to them for it. Tip Tip!

Adland. Where ad critics, lovers, grunts and ranters go to keep up with all types of happenings in the commercial industry. Over 90,000 members and 45,000 archived commercials strong- only one person to thank.
From a very simple, spontaneous birth in 1996, founder Åsk Wäppling (@dabitch) has spearheaded Adland’s exponential growth over a decade and a half. Working as an Art Director in Malmo, Sweden, she has been able to amass (among many other things) the world’s largest Super Bowl commercial collection in the world.

You remember when Adland was banned from Google adsense for doing what we do - that is show ads, right? It was written up in Dagens Media in Sweden, as well as a few other adblogs, like Adscam who humorously points out that other ad blogs have 'put millions in his Swiss bank account by featuring tits and arse in every post, even if it’s about deep sea oil rigs'.

A Google representative phoned me up to sort out the issue, "I can un-ban your account, but you will have to follow the Google adsense guidelines in the future, of course". I explained to him that Adland writes about advertising, the business that promoted advertising week with a cleavage shot and resorts to using naked bosoms as attention grabbers for an advertising show in Slovenia. "There will be boobage eventually, it is advertising, in fact there will be just as much sexism and skin as you can find in banner campaigns that run on Google adsense" I said. (for example - see the evolution of Evony ads which actually ran on adland in the google adsense space) Advertising, like many other businesses, is pretty sexist in itself, Neil French is one of the most famous creatives in advertising (he has done great work, mind you). And advertising images are full of stereotypes that will offend men, women, and your little dog too - what one target group finds humorous, another finds offensive. In order to discuss these ads, we need to see them.

I had the most fantastic failed morning. I didn't hit the snooze button, everything was going swimmingly time-wise, I even had time to enjoy that lovely second cup of coffee before heading out the door. But...the moment I stepped outside bad juju came at me. From missing the bus by a hair and falling spectacularly when doing so, to the major fail of reaching the train exactly on time only to discover that the wallet I brought didn't have a dime nor credit cards in it, and my brand new sunglasses breaking as soon as I removed them... You would've thought it was a Monday. The upside was that my favorite client took me to thai lunch and as we chit-chatted and checked twitter I discovered that @kullin twittered to me "Congrats to @dabitch. @BrandRepublic ranks @adland as number 6 on top 200 bloggers" and I'm all like woah, really? Cool! This day will be good anyway! Of course as soon as I thought that I totally broke a database, but that's another story.

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