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CommercialsKobe Shimbun "Emergency Collectives" (2017) 1:30 (Japan) kidsleepy01 hour 39 min ago
CommercialsBwin "The Race" (2017) 1:30 (UK) kidsleepy01 hour 39 min ago
CommercialsUnited Way "Thanks for watching Netflix" (2017) :30 (USA) kidsleepy01 day 19 hours ago
CommercialsUnited Way "Thanks for making out" (2017) :30 (USA) kidsleepy01 day 20 hours ago
CommercialsWindex "The story of Lucy" (2017) 3:00 (USA) kidsleepy11 day 20 hours ago
CommercialsSkyrocket "Stay Cool" (2017) :30 (USA) kidsleepy01 day 20 hours ago
CommercialsCost Plus World Market "Style and Storage" (2017) 1:00 (USA) kidsleepy01 day 20 hours ago
CommercialsCost Plus World Market "Watch how we roll" (2017) 1:00 (USA) kidsleepy01 day 20 hours ago
CommercialsDiadora "Live your passion" (2017) 1:00 (USA) kidsleepy01 day 20 hours ago
Commercialsadidas Originals | Original is never finished 3 (2017) 1:30 (USA) kidsleepy01 day 20 hours ago
CommercialsClay Matthews III "Football VUEing Family” (2017) :30 (USA) kidsleepy01 day 20 hours ago
CommercialsFiberCreme - Let’s Be Friends Again: Coffee (2017) :35 (Indonesia) kidsleepy01 day 20 hours ago
CommercialsFiberCreme - Let’s Be Friends Again: Cheesecake (2017) 1:31 (Indonesia) kidsleepy01 day 20 hours ago
CommercialsDurex "Sexy vibrations" (2017) :30 (Israel) kidsleepy01 day 20 hours ago
CommercialsNissan "The Widest Circuit" (2017) 2:00 (Japan) kidsleepy01 day 20 hours ago
CommercialsKFC "Big Chicken, Small Movie" (2017) 5:10 (USA) kidsleepy01 day 20 hours ago
Blog entryBreitbart banned from ad network for "hate speech", Kellogg's pulls all ads Dabitch82 days 23 hours ago
StoryDavid Lowery talks to adland about the Spotify lawsuit kidsleepy23 days 13 hours ago
StoryDodge #RoadkillNIghts accidentally took a wrong turn kidsleepy03 days 13 hours ago
StoryComedy Director Richard Farmer Joins Big Block kidsleepy04 days 32 min ago
Blog entryIvan Cash joins m ss ng p eces roster kidsleepy04 days 2 hours ago
StoryPremier League Releases Official Anthem as it Celebrates 25th Anniversary kidsleepy05 days 2 hours ago
PortfolioTigo Music "Boring songs" (2016) :30 (Colombia) kidsleepy06 days 1 hour ago
CommercialsFentanyl Kills "Mask" (2017) :30 (USA) kidsleepy26 days 22 hours ago
StoryCommunity Films Welcomes Renowned Director Duo Ben/Dave To The Company’s Growing Roster Of Talent kidsleepy01 week 1 hour ago


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As a member of the class in the lawsuit, wouldn't they have told you the rationale? Having never been in one before, I have no idea how they work.
The song is "One way or another," by Blondie, and Swiffer is still using it eleven years later. Debbie Harry must be getting quite a pay load from it, so there's that.
That sounds totally believable
Not really sure who "you all," is, considering how many people have commented. If you mean Adland, half of us are European. But speaking of love, thank you for your comment. It's good to see an...
Group that "support migrants," huh? I guess he doesn't know the names of any off the top of his head?
I'd cut out some of the gratuitous shots (astronaut shot, dog, extra shots of people running. The old guy with the white hair shows up in like three or four shots. The bicycle shot is distracting. I...
The part where I'd cut the VO would be at the 51 second mark. Figure an extra 3-5 for logo, etc, and you're only a fe extra shots away. So if you reaaaaalllly love the astronaut you can keep it. But...
So wait... first they have someone who is a Nazi troll at the helm. Now they want to ban all the people even though they aren't Nazis. I'm so confused. Kind of reminds me of that campaign last year...
I love this ad so much. The O Henry story "Gift of the Magi," so beautifully brought to life. It's quite good. I don't even need to understand the voice over. It's just beautiful. Yes I'm...
Considering the post was back in November it's kind of hard to say. What was your comment?
Perhaps it will help if I tell you the "Marley," in question who made this song is Bob Marley's grandson? You love the music now, right?
Either way, so many articles were written about it...
"The idea with this poster is to encourage people to vote for the play-doh feminists instead of Sweden Democrats, who are currently the fastest growing party in Sweden. It will most certainly have...
Agreed -- if not agencies at least outside advisors are completely necessary especially when wading in this territory and especially if you've never done so before. (I don't count Pepsi Refresh in...
"This week Sorrell said WPP has partnered with Google to introduce technology to monitor where ads are appearing, but did not give further details and admitted that 'you can't make things 100...
He's definitely above the usual visual solve, visual solve, one meh headline, "so we made an app," portfolios I usually see. He even has long copy examples. Hire him, indeed.
Only available in pink? Lazy!
The art direction rips off Andy Warhol? Sad!
A trite tagline that uses the word "finally?" Low energy!