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The Ronald McDonald Childrens Fund

Campaign - ”Please don’t hang up”

As a parent or relative, saying good night to a child over the phone is the last thing you want to do when the child is going through a tough period of sickness. You’d wanna be there in person. That’s the reason of existence for The Ronald McDonald Houses, and The Ronald McDonald Childrens fund. The aim is to build houses in connection to hospitals around Sweden, to act as a home away from home for the parents and relatives – a place where they can stay while the child is hospitalized.

Copy Writer - Nick Christiansen
Art Director - Joel Ekstrand
Account Director - Pelle Josephson
Account Manager - Jeanette Ytterman
Planner - Karl Wikström

Production company - Sara Haag AB
Director - Sara Haag

Radio advertisement

Target audience: Anyone interested in film, but more specifically a young urban audience from 21-45.

Communications objective: To develop a radio campaign that would set DOXA apart from other entertainment.

Creative Strategy: The creative strategy was based on an insight that people want alternative forms of entertainment. When it comes to movies, far too often moviegoers are stuck with what Hollywood offers them.

Campaign Description: The campaign highlights many Hollywood movie stereotypes. The radio spots use a film listings, phone-in service to demonstrate the lack of choice and expected storylines found in traditional theaters but then goes on to suggest DOXA as a completely different film experience.

Market commercial ran in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Radio advertisement

A Polish advertiser takes advantage of presbycusis* an age related hearing loss that prevents suffering adults from hearing certain frequency ranges. In this “childproof commercial”, the producer used an 18,000 Hz sound effect to supposedly annoy younger listeners thereby keeping them away from getting the message.

CYFRA is a leading Polish digital TV provider. Their job was to tell people about their parental control system.

Advertising agency decided to create a commercial for adults and adults only. They took advantage of the scientific fact that people loose their ability to hear high frequency sounds when getting older. According to experts 18,000 Hz can be heard only by people under 21 years of age.

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Miss him already? The Old Spice Man's replies to tweets which was a great thing, has ended - but don't despair if you can't get enough of Isaiah Mustafa's special brand of Old Spice extra hunky, have him read your voice-mail message, like I just did (hit play above). I might not have been able to marry this campaign yet, but I'm getting closer. At the right moment, you know I'll pop the question.

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I never thought I'd say this in public, but I ❤ Reddit users.

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The child's voice says:

I'm here inside of you
but you don't know it yet
and that's why every day I get a little bigger.
Sometimes, when you suspect I'm here,
you touch yourself, and try to feel me,
expecting me to give you a sign of life
as if I was going to give you a little kick, or something.
But I'm safely hidden, and getting bigger and bigger.
And your hands are nothing but a gentle caress.
I know that when I grow really big,
you'll give up your life for me.

Male VO: Breast cancer can be growing inside of you. Spot it with a mammography.
Peruvian League against cancer.

credits -
ECD: Flavio Pantigoso
HoA: Tin Sanchez
Creative Team: Daniel Lobatón, Hiroshi Sagawa
Sound: Vinylo

Radio advertisement

Adgrunts know that Sedelmier shot the famous fluffy bun ad for Cliff Freeman and Partners back in 1984 when Wendy's had the beef, and Clara Peller wondered where it was. But did you know that in 1984 there was a one-hit wonder song written by Nashville, Tennessee DJ Coyote McCloud featuring Clara's crowing for more beef? Flashback to 1984 and that fantastic flash in the pan, here it is. Sing along: A woman can't live by buns alone!

The commercial:

Radio advertisement

Last night the CEO of the Aids Task Force, Jonathan Karni, unveiled this year's campaign for the "World Aids Day": The "SDIA PROJECT".
The project which launched 6 weeks ago was based on a song called "Going all the way", about a girl with easy virtue, created by an unknown band called "SDIA".

The song which was released to all the Radio Stations in the country and was meant to spread and reach as many people as possible, set out to prove one point only:
See how easy it is to get infected. Get tested!

Musical Production
Written composed and produced by:
Ran Shem Tov and Shiri Hadar - IZABO
Singer: Roni Alter

Radio advertisement

Dead Sea Premier sells cosmetic products enriched with minerals from... the Dead Sea.
This year they launched a campaign for their Anti Age series:
A single radio spot was aired, at the precise second that Israel moved the clock back
and ended the daylight savings time.

This single radio spot was promoted with PR before and after it aired, resulting in wide
media coverage and and unusual number of curious radio enthusiasts that stayed awake
until 2 am, just to hear the single spot: