Levy's Rye: You don't have to be Jewish

These ads would totally not run today, like ever. But disregarding that, the idea is so simple it's kind of crazy how simple it is.
For those not well-versed in ethnic stereotypes, cops in America used to be Irish. That's only true now in Boston, parts of New York, and Television Land.

By the way, this blast from the past came out in 1964.

"The man in the Hathaway shirt" - Ogilvy, print 1955

Ellerton Jette was the president of Hathaway, and didn't have much of a budget. David Ogilvy asked for complete creative control and the promise that Hathaway shirts would not fire Ogilvy & Mather for as long as the companies existed. On the way to the shoot, David stopped to pick up a novelty eye-patch and the mystery man of intrigue was born. This is the original most interesting man in the world.

Lestoil - Women of the future - 1968

"Women of the future will make the Moon a cleaner place to live"

Wait, what? Do we also have to wear that funky helmet?