poster that doubles as a fishing net
The warning poster that can also be used as a fishing net.

To educate fishermen on the need to join the hunt for lionfish, a venomous species destroying the Caribbean ecosystem, Geometry designed very smart posters.

Printed on an incredibly tough material, it explains everything the fishermen need to know about the lionfish, it shows images of the lionfish, and then the poster also transforms into a lightweight net the fisherman can use to bring home the catch. Yes, it's a poster that can work as a fishing net. How very clever!

Home Hardware wants you to remember to pack up your pets this moving day.

Every July 1st in Québec, thousands of residents pack up and move out of their apartments. It’s called “Moving Day,,” and it’s the busiest day of the year for tenants to move within the province and it can make a large city like Montreal chaotic. Even worse is the fact that every year, more than 1,600 pets are left behind by their moving owners.

OneMethod’s SweetSixteen: The Year of Evolution redesign

Toronto, June 7, 2017 – OneMethod turns sixteen this year and to celebrate sweetly, the Toronto-based digital and design agency is evolving with a new look, a new space, and a new approach to collaboration.

Africa Rocks for the San Diego Zoo, print posters and key art

San Diego Zoo have created the Africa Rocks exhibit, these are the posters for it.

BETC brings back the Fashion Charity Sale

If you happen to be in Paris next weekend, you might want to go shopping. For a good cause. BETC has once again partnered with anti-AIDS NGO called AIDES for a Fashion Charity Sale.
The sale will run from the 9th to the 11th of June in Les Magasins généraux which also happens to be the new office building of the BETC. This is located in a Parisian suburb called Pantin.

LATAM airlines Entertainment - "Seat Maps" (print) - Colombia

McCANN Colombia had to communicate that LATAM Airlines now have something called LATAM Entertainment. It's an onboard entertainment system where passengers have full access to movies, musicals, concerts and children's programmes on individual screens during the flight. The visual solution is as simple as it is smart. The airplane seats are superimposed over the seat maps of either a concert, cinema or a circus. Both visually arresting and instant communication.

Welcome to The World Of Playdoh

Oh how fun this must have been to create-- literally. Play-Doh is a nice reminder that while apps and photo editing tools are nice, nothing is better than getting your hands into the mix. This was also built around the insight that when kids play they, they don't just play. They build worlds around them. It took months of trial and error until these Play-Doh crafted lines were ready for the spotlight. Every piece was shot in studio by French photographer Marc Da Cunha Lopes. When's the last time you saw a hand-made campaign?

Comme Il Faut launches the "She was asking for it" collection to raise money for rape crisis centers

The number of women who have fallen victim to sexual assault in Israel are as high as anywhere else. But research also shows that a whopping 40% of the Israeli public believe that the way women dress, if revealing, is partly to blame for their assault, in other words - they are “asking for it.” This is the kind of attitude that launched "Slutwalks" as a response in other parts of the world, but creative agency Gefen Team decided to show people how absurd that line of thinking is, with the "She was asking for it" fashion collection.