Will the adgrunt who has not used an optical illusion as an ad for aspirins or eye drops please raise their hands? I'm afraid I can't, there was an Optrex campaign in my student folio. *hangs head*
Here's something new though, a different optical illusion used for earthquake awareness from jentera intermdia Indonesia. It's like a tsunami on paper.

agency: jentera intermdia, yogyakarta, indonesia ad: aancool cw: aancool

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Aw thanks. in my defense, the art direction was rockin'.

    Aug 06, 2006
  • Neo's picture

    I rate it a four. I'm sure the line was better in Indonesian than it is in English. Lacks punch. Great visual.

    Aug 06, 2006
  • AnonymousCoward's picture
    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    the original ad is in indonesian, translate for adland

    Aug 06, 2006
  • Neo's picture

    I thought so. Thanks for the translation. The ad is good.

    Aug 07, 2006

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