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9/11 Forward. Together. - street art

A group of Miami ad school students made this street art vandalizing tour (I'm not judging, I did it too when I was a student in the 90s), and a short spec film about their stunt that honors the the victims of 9/11 at the same time as it celebrates the memorial site by looking to the future.

“We wanted to create something different to show people that sharing the memory of 9/11 makes us stronger. We will never stop moving forward and we will never be alone. That’s what the connection between the two towers and the walking man symbolizes.”

field print

silvio berlusconi
Paris Hilton

If anyone here can help me decipher how on earth anyone might think this was a good idea, feel free. The first ad has Silvio Berlusconi and his personal collection of bound and gagged barely clad women in his trunk, which sort of makes sense as I assume that's how he lets his girlfriends travel with him (zing!). Next there's Paris Hilton ­with a trio of Kardashians in her trunk, and the third ad puts some gender equality in it as Michael Schumacher stows away Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, and Lewis Hamilton in his trunk. Everyone has junk in their trunk! Wait, what?

In 1981 Ogilvy&Mather New York had this idea for the christmas party that the should make a "Fame" parody video / musical number. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the most epic ad agency video of all time. You can not top this. They even have the cantina people dancing, and the lady with the vest bob-cut and ribbon tie is quite eager to take that off and shake her booty once the headband and leotard wearing dancing kids invade the lunchroom at the 2 minute mark.

FAME were gonna sell more coffee and and Playtex and Kotex and QTips and AmEx… whoah they're listing every client they have. Those were the days. Honestly who knew that so many Oglivy staffers could actually carry a tune. No, not the new guy. The ladies just liked him for the hair.

Audi (Spec) - "Tango" - (2013) :30 (USA)

LOS ANGELES—The grace, speed and agility of Audi A7 and A8 sedans are compared to a pair of sensual dancers in a new spec spot directed by Maz Makhani and produced by A Common Thread.

In the spot, two Audis, one black, one white, race across a flat expanse of the California desert, leaving billowy dust clouds as they cut through the sand. Out near the horizon, a man and a woman, also arrayed in black and white, engage in an erotic, tango-like pas de deux, mimicking the swift, bold arcs made by the cars. The editorial pace quickens as the cars weave an ever tightening circle around the couple and their dance reaches its final flourish.