Canadian Football League Hall of Fame Quarterback Damon Allen stops unsuspecting dudes while they are paying for parking to let them know getting their prostate examined is as fast as paying for parking. Rereading the previous sentence makes me think that could have gone the wrong way fast. Regardless, it's better than the alternative. Either way the dudes are suitably impressed as Allen drops the knowledge on them and vow to either remember that piece of information but not do anything about it, or act like they'll do something by telling their coworkers. The real star of this is the ad placement at the end. However queasy it makes you feel, sticking your fingers up in the parking machine is probably a nice way to remind them it ain't all that bad.

Client: Prostate Cancer Canada Agency: FCB Toronto CEO: Tyler Turnbull Co-Chief Creative Officers: Jon Flannery, Jeff Hilts, Nancy Crimi-Lamanna Art Director: Simon Tuplin Writer: Peter Gardiner Account Director: Lora Landriault Account Executive: Olivia Selbie Head, Broadcast Production: Judy Hamilton Broadcast Producer: Rea Kelly DOP and Editor: Jorge Vasconez Director, Print Production: Victor Carvalho Print Producer: Bruce Ellis VP Director of Strategic Planning: Heather Segal Digital Strategist: Shelagh Hartford
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