This is sort of like the great schlep for the me-me-me generation, and entices the target with exactly what millennials want - huge titles without having done the work for it. Dear millennials, vote you for president! As the breathlessly hopeful release says: "Let's force a contested convention and ensure that none of these douchetards secures the nomination." That's the plan, kids. Stop the douchetards. Is that word on fleek? What a tremendous word, tre-men-dous. I love words like this, I have people, they call me and they say they love words like this, they say Donald, worlds like this are terrific, really terrific, and we thank you for bringing them to our attention. Now we can do something about these words. Thanks to our Canadian pals for throwing their creativity in the ring once again, tremendous neighbours to the USA up there, you are, really tremendous. Phenomenal animations.
As a side-note, I find it really amusing how invested Canadians are in US politics when they seem so disinterested in their own elections. I suppose Swedes and Norwegians do the ... uhm... Nope, we don't, actually. I have no idea who runs Norway right now. I suspect that person knows how to ski really well though. I think that's a requirement to be Prime Minister there.

Created by : Ryan Wagman, Mark Sikes, Andrew Miller