Longform production agency has teamed up with Decadent Vapours to re-launch the e-liquid brand pre-Christmas, because as well know New Years resolutions brings on the "stop smoking" promises, and vaping is an alternative. To show you that this brand is "the finest e-liquids money can buy" Decadent Vapours created this film that can only be described as "oddly British", where a vape connoisseur's order takes us on a tour of the factory. It's quite silly and even has a stuffed squirrel blessing the vape-juice.

The film is fronted by Decadent Vapours owner Archie Powell. The ad was shot at the Swansea based factory and stars an all staff cast who actually work there. Including as the master of ceremony, the owner himself. Breakout star is the young "we've got an order" lass, as I just plain like her juxtaposed to Knight helmet guy and the silly hat men.

client: decadent vapours director: yann jones producer: hannah cooper dop: alex ryle agency: longformlondon.com writer: Archie Powell Art dept: Will Olds. Editor: Ben @WorkEditorial