The Ministry of Foreign affairs in Sweden have produced this silent ad called #Free the Speech for the 250th anniversary of our Freedom Of the press law. In many parts of the world, fundamental rights and freedoms on free speech are increasingly under threat, and the film is intended to dramatize the consequences of silencing speech. Margot Elisabeth Wallström, the Swedish Social Democratic politician and our current Minister for Foreign Affairs, has this to say;

There's a really good article over at Adlingo that you creatives should take a gander at. Media buyers, and certainly digital media buyers, may already be aware of the fragmentation of the market but most people are not, which is why the article "There's no such thing as $10/cpm preroll" is required reading. The author, "Jim", says that he is shocked how little media buyers actually know about the media transaction "funnel", so this may be eye-opening for everyone.

The lure of programmatic advertising and digital banners bought on large banner networks wasn't just a godsend for the lazy. It literally shaped what the web and news became. I have warned about this several times, as publications grew dependant on clicks they also grew addicted into getting them, shaping headlines to be clickbait far removed from reality. Gossip gathered more eyeballs than facts. When traditional journalism, with factual headlines and objective reporting with equal time couldn't entice people to come and read, infotainment devoured the web.

Need to increase your creative web presence? Got an awesome portfolio somewhere that nobody is linking to? Want your name to rank higher in search engines? That last part is trickier.

We can fix that. I've tried Radostar out. The only thing I've uploaded so far is my cosmonaut mural, my painting of Yuri Gagarin that can already be seen on my website, just to test out the features of the site. It was easy to do, but what's more I saw that Radostar reigned the search engine results on "cosmonaut", "dabitch" and my full name immediately after upload. In short, if you want to be found this is not a bad idea.

Another neat trick to teach the search engines that you're cool is simply to upload your ads here as well. Adgrunts like the Perlorian brothers are fifth hit on google, while David Edwards is fighting his way up the search results by dispensing new ads on a regular basis. Your profile page can lead people to your linkedin page, your Radostar page/ portfolio page or wherever else people may find more information about you. (Don't forget you can embed your films uploaded here in your portfolio pages elsewhere)

If you don't have a portfolio at all, I've already mentioned the easy to use Carbonmade, and I still think that its a nice easy way to get some work up on the web (without knowing a lick of html). Takes all of ten minutes to set up a portfolio without breaking a sweat. Go on. Start building your online creative rep.

Nonja is 33 year old Austrian who likes to be creative. She's done some painting but now she's found that her camera - which dispenses raisins every time to button is pushed - has made her facebook profile famous. Nonja is an orangutan.

Her facebook profile contains plenty of photographs of the orangutans in Schönbrunn Zoo, all taken by Nonja. In no time at all Nonja has gathered almost fifty thousand fans and been written up in the DailyMail, PopSci, Daily Times, Swedish tabloids like Expressen and Metro and countless more worldwide. Samsung, who created the camera with the raisin-trap have their own Austrian page dedicated to Nonja, and anyone who becomes her fan on Facebook has a chance to win the camera or entrance tickets to the zoo. The best part about this ad campaign is that nobody seems to realize it is one.

It would be far more impressive if the camera didn't give Nonja raisins every time she pushed the button. But maybe that's just me.

While you US-based folks are gearing up for a Friday night out, I was already enjoying mine (ah, the seven hours ahead, always fun to watch the releases roll in just as I'm about to go home for the evening), but as luck would have it, I checked my email just now and found that Barry Katz a.k.a @bskatz has popped me a message;

We just wanted to key you in to what the CP+B Interns were up to. Attached is
the press release with all the eloquent language that we can handle, but
honestly, it's just a plug for our website...

Of course, there is no press release attached. Hardy-har-har.

Update ten seconds later, I went to grab a screen shot and get "server too busy". ooops, I take it that the word of mouth is going rather well then, huh?

Ah, back now. No harm done.


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