The Ministry of Foreign affairs in Sweden have produced this silent ad called #Free the Speech for the 250th anniversary of our Freedom Of the press law. In many parts of the world, fundamental rights and freedoms on free speech are increasingly under threat, and the film is intended to dramatize the consequences of silencing speech. Margot Elisabeth Wallström, the Swedish Social Democratic politician and our current Minister for Foreign Affairs, has this to say;

There's a really good article over at Adlingo that you creatives should take a gander at. Media buyers, and certainly digital media buyers, may already be aware of the fragmentation of the market but most people are not, which is why the article "There's no such thing as $10/cpm preroll" is required reading. The author, "Jim", says that he is shocked how little media buyers actually know about the media transaction "funnel", so this may be eye-opening for everyone.

The lure of programmatic advertising and digital banners bought on large banner networks wasn't just a godsend for the lazy. It literally shaped what the web and news became. I have warned about this several times, as publications grew dependant on clicks they also grew addicted into getting them, shaping headlines to be clickbait far removed from reality. Gossip gathered more eyeballs than facts. When traditional journalism, with factual headlines and objective reporting with equal time couldn't entice people to come and read, infotainment devoured the web.

Bicoastal production company m ss ng p eces has added award-winning artist and director Ivan Cash to its roster of talent. Combining backgrounds in both art and technology, Cash is known for developing creative experiences that engage a mass audience and impact culture. Alongside experiential and independent projects, he has worked with high-profile brands, including Google, Coca-Cola, Facebook, and MTV to orchestrate memorable creative campaigns.

Of course we want to eat healthy, we say as we munch down on a french fry, ignoring our hypocrisy.

You'd think it'd be a no brainer to price something lower to increase sales, but that's not always the case because of the subconscious cues that it sends out.

We humans are a strange bunch and Darren Bridger's book "Decoding the Irrational Customer" (published by KoganPage) does a great job of introducing marketers to the psychological and physiological processes, tools, and implementation of neuromarketing.

Paid Attention by Faris Yakob

I've followed @faris for a while on Twitter. I've live-streamed a few of his presentations. I've always found myself nodding in agreement with him on many of the points he makes. And in "Paid Attention", there was just more of that. I didn't necessarily find it groundbreaking information, but that is A) because I've heard some of it already, and B) working in digital I've experienced a lot first hand myself. Perhaps to me it isn't "innovative" advertising, because I'm pushing the same agenda. For those who haven't been following along or are questioning their current direction, they will find it enlightening for sure.