Transavia yanks diners straight into vacation destinaton - Billboard stunt, the low-cost airline company of the AirFrance KLM group, can fly you to many destinations for a low fare. To show how "instant" a quick trip with Transavia is, they arranged this billboard stunt in Paris. When the couple in the center demanrd the waiters attention, they're yanked right out of their seats and snap onto the billboard behind them.

The other diners applaud politely. Aaah, Paris, you're so unfazed about everything.

The dining connection? Parisians tend to stay home in this economy, when they could do something else on the weekends. "We wanted to show in the most impactful way to Parisians that every time they go out for a meal they could fly on holiday for the same price of their bill."

ah ha haha "Impactful". I see what you did there.

Ad agency: Les Gaulois

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Nice :)