Sol Beer "Tebian" (2015) 3:15 (Finland)

Here is some branded content for Sol Beer as part of their 'Searching for local heroes" campaign. This one features Tebian, maker of all kinds of stuff. He talks abotu his inspirations, takes us through his ADD but hugely productive day. And there's only one product shot in the whole thing. This kind of "shine the spotlight on," content lives or dies by the subject at hand. Tebian is pretty cool. Also for those who haven't heard Finnish before, you're in for something.

Client: Sol Beer
Advertising Agency: 358, HELSINKI, FINLAND
Agency website:
Art Director: Ale Lauraéus
Copywriter: Antti Tähtinen
Agency producer: Mari Romanoff
Account Manager: Veera Kivimäki
Graphic Designers: Isa Jokela-Gomez, Kukka-Maria Kiuru
Socialist: Juuso Janhunen
Photographer: Martin Jäger
Additional credits: Production company: Woodpecker Films
Director: Sam Shingler
DOP: Juge Heikkilä
Producers: Katariina Holma, Hannu Kalliolahti
Marketing Director: Meri Vainikka
Brand Manager: Mira Halonen

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