The adaptive copywriter resume with "more hard sell" and "less hard sell"

If you are looking for a copywriter and have grown bored with the cookie-cutter portfolio ads sites you'll find Joe Coleman's Resumé website very refreshing. You can select how much hard sell you want in his resumé by dragging a button between "less hard sell" and "more hard sell."

In the least hard sell it states "so yeah, I'm a freelance copywriter, what of it?", nudging to harder you'll get the non-commital "If you need a freelance copywriter you could phone me, or not." The further you pull toward the hard sell the more outrageous things get until you're surrounded by dancing cats and "book now!" bulldogs.

Absolutely brilliant, and well executed. If this copywriter comes up with concepts this good all the time, he's way too cheap no matter how much he costs. Someone should hire him to hog that talent for themselves. Well done.